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June 2024 Mayors Note


Hello everyone,

Welcome to summer!  

We have a lot of things going on in town, but I will try to briefly go over everything.

Enbridge Gas Utah, formerly Dominion Energy, has put Portage at or near the top of their list for bringing Natural Gas to us. You will find attached to this note a informational flyer and a short Natural Gas interest form/survey. Enbridge will be holding a community Open House at the town bowery on June 20, 2024 from 6-8pm. Everyone is invited and encouraged to attend. Enbridge would like to have the Interest forms returned to them at this Open House, so that they can determine whether to proceed with plans to bring Natural Gas to our town.


Motorized bikes, atv’s, side by sides, motorcycles, cars and trucks. We are still having an issue with speeding in town by all of the above vehicles, as well as people not stopping at the stop signs. I have spoken with the Deputies who patrol in town, and they will be trying to keep a closer eye on traffic. If your speeding or not stopping at the stop signs, don’t be surprised if your stopped and issued a citation. 

Animal issues. We are having a lot of dogs, and cows/bulls running loose in town through the park and peoples yards as well as wandering on the lane into town. Those of us who have pets or livestock, please be mindful of them and make an extra effort to keep them contained so they do not damage other people’s property. Let’s be respectful of each other and try to peacefully go about our lives.

Water. Let’s all try to use our water wisely and not cause issues which will require restrictions. Currently the Springs are keeping the tanks full and the overflow is making its way into town along the main road. This will give the trees a much needed drink. 

Thanks to our Fire Department Volunteers for the all they do to see that we have emergency medical help and everything else that they do. They really provide a invaluable service to our community!

Thanks to everyone else who help out around town, it’s very appreciated.

If you have any thoughts, concerns or complaints, , feel free to contact me or a Town Council member and let’s continue to work together and help each other whenever we can.

Thank you.