Building Permits & Inspections

The Town of Portage will strive to assist you with your construction project in an efficient and accountable manner.

To obtain a permit in Portage, you should check your set backs and lot size requirements first. Then you must submit a building permit application through the Box Elder County Building Permits and Inspection Office. The county will forward it to the Town of Portage and they will check that you are in adherence with all lot size, set backs, building heights and any other relevant town ordinances. After approval through the Town of Portage, your permit will be sent back to the Box Elder County Building Permits and Inspection Office where they will do their review, which takes an average of 7-10 days. They will send it back to the Portage Town Clerk, and then you can pay your fees and have your permit issued. 

Contact Info

Terra Bell
Planning and Zoning Commission Chairman

Richard Beck
Planning and Zoning Commission Member/Recorder